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About Us - sky flight reservations

We and our dedicated employees have promised to provide good and fast services to the customers as much as possible to make them happy. We provide low-cost travel to our customers and provide them reliable services in a friendly manner. We provide various types of services from booking and boarding the flight till the time the passengers reach their destination.

Our customers can easily book the ticket from our website or they can buy the same from the counter. There are many ways in which they can pay for their booking. We also provide the services of check-in, which the customers can do either at airport or online. The baggage checking is done at the airport and customers are allowed to take one or two bags inside the cabin. This depends on the class for which the customer has booking.

We also provide discounts and various types of offers on special occasions. If a passenger has to change the flight, he can do so online by providing some basic information like confirmation number, first name and last name. Cancelling the flight is also easy and the amount is refunded to him.

We provide the bookings on various types of trips whether it is a round trip, one-way, or multicity trip. They have to provide the required information and their seat will be booked as per the class and according to the availability.

If a passenger has booked a ticket and found later that the ticket price has been lowered, he can call the airlines and after verification, the difference is taken and the remaining amount is refunded to the customer.

One facility given by us is not available with other airlines and that is open seating system. We confirm the booking but do not allot the seats. Seats are allotted when people have to board the flight. The people are divided in groups and then the each group boards the plane and takes the seats they like. That is the reason, people reach the airport much before the departure of the flight.